Oct 18, 2020




A murder mystery

This is the story of four old college friends, Helen, Elizabeth, Alice and Cathy. They are attending a graduation party for Helen’s niece Isabel. Her graduate advisor is one of the business department’s oldest and most successful professors, Dr. Kevin Walters.  Even at sixty-five, young women find Walters as charming and charismatic as he was when he taught the four friends, forty years earlier. 

Over dinner, the women discover that while Walters had helpful a hand in their careers, they were all sexually harassed by Dr. K. and the anger and sting of his behavior still lingers today. Worse, they discover he has continued to harass and abuse his female students, including Isabel and a number of her friends.  Believing the time is right, they plan an intervention where they can confront Dr. K and make him admit to his behavior; all recorded on film. The plan is simple. Isabel will invite him to a celebration dinner at a lake cottage owned by her Aunt. Isabel will make it clear they will be alone.

When Dr. K shows up, the four plan to spring their trap. For three of the women, the plan, if it works, will be a satisfying “Me, too” moment, providing evidence of his guilt. It might also be a way for him to address his errant behavior.  For one of the four women, the plan doesn’t go far enough.  However, she has plans of her own.

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