Oct 30, 2020





Stories of Sex and Love and the Lives that Followed

Walter Piwicket and Kelli Netherlander begin their marriage, after five years of dating with an adventure of a lifetime, an all paid vacation to Kathmandu, Nepal one of the highest places in the world. The question the couple face is will their life together back be all downhill from there.

 Rosa Cervantes and Louis Hernandez should have dated in high school, but fate has a way of delaying the inevitable.  Working together sorting the crush for a vineyard, the older couple play matchmaker for two high school kids, Paul and Amanda.  At Rosa’s urging, the four attend a local concert where a salsa band introduces zapateado to the audience.  For Rosa and Louis, the question is can the dance of life begin in their forties. 

 Wilson Brown and Carmen Lee were a hot and heavy couple until Wilson was caught in a garage filled with moonshine and charged with breaking and entering with the intent of second-degree burglary.  Carmen Lee was a cook at a southside diner and Wilson was her best customer.  Carmen was in between husbands and Wilson was a dangerous man with a passion for large women and southern cooking.  While it lasted their romance burned white-hot.  Now Wilson is an ex-con looking for a new life and Carmen and husband number three own a local hot spot for jazz and Creole. 

 Alice Netherlander and Cathy Simon were college roommates. Alice is Kelli Netherlander older sister. Alice and Walter Piwicket were in English Lit classes together. Walter, Alice, and Cathy went on several dates together before Walter met Kelli. In their Junior year, Alice and Cathy dated a pair of fraternity Jocks.  Gradually they realized they were happier together and their relationship deepened.  After fifteen years something or someone is driving them apart.  The problem is they still love each other, but they aren’t talking and the intimacy they shared seems gone.

 Diane Fender and Teddy Nash met in college.  He was an English major and would-be writer working construction for the Summer and she was a math major serving drinks in a local bar.  When they met, they had nothing in common, except being alone at the end of the night.  What neither expected was the sex was outstanding.  Marriage and good-paying jobs came as a surprise.  The absence of children a disappointment.  Now Diane is working two jobs and Teddy is getting fat.  The question is can the passion missing from their lives be restored.

 Tommie Markie and Susan Cloverfield could have been actors, they are that attractive. In college, they were part of the fraternity and Sorority crowd.  After college Susan became a Realtor and Tommie an insurance broker.  For a time, their success bought them a beautiful home, luxury car, and expensive vacation designed for romance. On vacation, the two seemed to come alive. They’d become emersed in the local music, art, food, and wine, and renewing their youth, their college days.  At home, they lived in a house whose rooms were without love.

 Nancy Elbridge and Ron Dewitt met in college.  Nancy was an A student and religious tea-totterer.  Ron was a hard-drinking life of the party.  They met at an anti-war rally.  Ron was an Army vet with a gut full of metal and a head full of anger and Nancy was a devote passivist. She also was a beautiful wallflower ready to bloom.  In Nancy, Ron saw a hidden beauty ready to experience a new way of life and Nancy looked at Ron as a man seeking a new path.  Both were right, but the life and path they followed might destroy them.

 Charlie Peters and Helen Sidelle went steady in high school and married after college.  Their life together spanned fifty years, most of which was normal and boringly ordinary.  At least in public.  What made their marriage last were the little secrets they shared.  In private they were Scout and Cubbie.  Now Helen is dying.   The question is can Charlie survive without Helen.

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