Oct 26, 2020





Can any person or nation claim to own an unexplored planet 12 light-years from Earth?  In 2035, the Starshot Program sent ultra-fast light-driven nanocrafts to assess the potential for human settlements on 20 exoplanets within 50 light years of Earth. Traveling at 2/5 the speed of light, Starshot 1 was sent to explore Alpha Centuri.  Starshot 2 focused on the four known planets in the Tau Ceti constellation of Cetus, “The Sea Monster” or “Whale.” In 2114 data from the exploration of Tau Cet-e indicated that humans could live on the surface in the same way they had survived living in shielded structures on Mars for 75 years.  
     In 2127, the American Federation Starship Cetus 1 left on its 75-year voyage to place a team of explorers, scientists, and Marines on Cet-e.  Four years before their arrival in the Tau Ceti system, the ship’s Commander Mary Elizabeth Teal was awakened by the onboard computer to the news that a team of from the Euro-Russian Pact Space Agency are traveling to Cet-e in newer and faster starship.  
    According to the first reports, the Pact team was in orbit around Cet-e and may be on the ground. Little more was known given how long it takes to communicate and how secretive the Pact Agency could be when it came to the Federation. Commander Teal is instructed to continue with her mission, but to be aware that the Euro-Russian Pact team may, according to Earth law, claim the planet as theirs and deny her the right to land. If that happens, Commander Teal has permission land and contest (fight) any claim of eminent domain or to fly to the mission alternative, the smaller planet Cet-g. 
    Believing the decision is not hers to make alone, Teal had the ship’s computer break protocol and awaken Ian MacDonald, the chief engineer, the ship’s physician Oliver Green, the leader of the science team, Dr. Susan Maude along with head planetary explorer, Mr. N. Keith Mallory, and Marine Captain Walter Johnson. Together they will decide the fate of the Cetus-1. 

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