Mar 20, 2016

Mar 18, 2016

David Luning at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance

David Luning & Band
performs at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance

Mar 4, 2016


SF Giants Bean Bag Toss Set

Yesterday Lynette and I went to an event where they had set up a bean bag toss board or as it is know in the Midwest a Corn hole board with corn bags. 

Last night you got one throw and if you got your corn bag in the hole you won a lottery ticket for a prize to be announce later. 

With no practice, Roger stepped to the line and threw a Swish, meaning the corn bag went in the hole without touching the board or the rim of the hole. This is also called Nothing But Hole, by those who play in tailgate parties.  

Roger just published a new novel, a Western set in Texas in 1875 called Overland: Stage to El Paso. In the story, throwing horseshoes plays an important part.  Roger claims his lucky hole-in-one last night might be the result of secret research for the book.