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Raining in the Trees
National Novel Writing Month
Idea # 12

"Have you ever noticed how, when the rain stops pouring down and it trickles through the leaves and when all is said and done, it's still raining in the trees."
Bryan Lubeck

This novel is about a group of friends 
whose lives feel like it is still
 raining in the trees.

NEGRETTI Ester, "Una giornata di pioggia", 2005

Oct 28, 2016

WEATHER RELATED - National Novel Writing Month Book Idea # 11

National Novel Writing Month 
Book Idea # 11

Della French is flying from New York to San Francisco via Chicago. For Della, a two-hour weather delay was made easier by her seat in first class and the two men sitting with her.

Charles Gray a forty-year old psychotherapist who claims he studied astrology in India is handsome and charismatic. Eric Dyson is an older business man who talks about collecting cars and wine. For the next five hours, the three talk, eat snacks, and drink wine.

At O’Hare, the three learn they have missed the last flight to San Francisco. Standing in the customer service line, while Dyson talks to United on his phone, Della and Charles chat and flirt.

When the three finally reach a United agent, they learn they are all booked on a flight at seven fifteen in the morning. According to agent, they can stay in the airport and sleep on a cot or they can use a voucher to stay at a local hotel. Unfortunately, all the airport hotels are booked.  The agent says there is a Best Western some thirteen miles from the airport that is “passable.”

Standing behind Della, Dyson informs the agent the 1K desk said she should book him a room at a nearby Marriott. Eventually after considerable argument, the agent calls the Marriott and arranges for three rooms. Obviously angry, the Agent informs the travelers their luggage is already on its way to San Francisco and because of the late hour they must take a cab the hotel.

On the way to the cab stand, Dyson asks Della if she is hungry or would like a drink. When she says yes to both, Dyson suggests they check in and then go downtown to a late-night jazz club he knows. When Charles is quick to say, he loves the idea. Della agrees, even though she knows she is being impulsive.

Over the course of the next six hours Dyson will show Della and Charles a side of Chicago that few travelers ever see and even fewer survive.  

Oct 26, 2016

GOODNIGHT KISS National Novel Writing Month Idea # 10

National Novel Writing Month 
Idea # 10

The Story of a P-38M 
Night Lighting

Developed late in the war and equipped with radar, the P-38M or 
Night Lightings were night fighters patrolling 
the skies over France and Germany. 

This is the story of one plane, 


30 seconds that changed the history of the west

From Wikipedia

The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was a 30-second shootout between lawmen and members of a loosely organized group of outlaws called the Cowboys that took place at about 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. 

It is generally regarded as the most famous shootout in the history of the American Wild West. The gunfight was the result of a long-simmering feud, with Cowboys Billy Claiborne, Ike and Billy Clanton, and Tom and Frank McLaury on one side and town Marshal Virgil Earp, Special Policeman Morgan Earp, Special Policeman Wyatt Earp, and temporary policeman Doc Holliday on the other side. All three Earp brothers had been the target of repeated death threats made by the Cowboys, who objected to the Earps' interference in their illegal activities. 

Billy Clanton and both McLaury brothers were killed. Ike Clanton claimed that he was unarmed and ran from the fight, along with Billy Claiborne. Virgil, Morgan, and Doc Holliday were wounded, but Wyatt Earp was unharmed. The shootout has come to represent a period of the American Old West when the frontier was virtually an open range for outlaws, largely unopposed by law enforcement officers who were spread thin over vast territories.

Oct 25, 2016

2106 & 2015 National Novel Writing Month Book Ideas

2106 National Novel Writing Month
8 of 12 book ideas

10 / 10 book ideas

Selected for 2015

Oct 24, 2016

Murder in Horseshoe Canyon - National Novel Writing Month - Book Idea # 8

Murder in Horseshoe Canyon
National Novel Writing Month 
Book Idea # 8

Murder in Horseshoe Canyon. A park ranger sent to find, a missing archaeologist is found murdered in Horseshoe Canyon. Sheriff James Haskie  and Park Ranger Bessie Saganey are called in to investigate the murder and find the missing scientist.  

Oct 22, 2016

SPIRIT LAKE - NaNoWriMo Idea # 7


National Novel Writing Month
Book Idea # 7

Cover Idea

Spirit Lake. Kelly and Greg Geist agreed they need a break; time away from jobs and family in Chicago. Greg wants to get back to his Minnesota roots. Kelly just wants to be alone; perhaps even from Greg. The rental agent said she had the perfect place; an isolated cottage on a small square lake in northern Minnesota. She was certain the cabin on Spirit Lake would change their lives.

Oct 21, 2016

QUICKSILVER - National Novel Writing Month - Book Idea # 6

National Novel Writing Month 
Book Idea # 6

      Nathan Hilton has taken a job riding shotgun on a mining wagon from the Sulphur Bank Mines over Mt Saint Helena to the rail head in Calistoga. The wagon carries mercury from the mines and returns with cash for the miners. In the 1880s, mining towns like Quicksilver grew up faster than the law needed to protect the miners. Only men like Nathan stood in the way of highwaymen and outlaws, like Black Bart. 

Oct 19, 2016

We Gotta Get Tyree a Woman - Book Idea # 5 - for National Novel Writing Month (Nov, 2016)

For National Novel Writing Month 
(NaNoWriMo, Nov, 2016)

Book Idea # 5

      We gotta get Tyree a woman. When the immigration officer on Ellis Island asked Craig MacDonald his name and place of birth, he answered proudly Tiree Eilean; naming the island in Scotland where he was born. From that moment forward Craig became Tyree Eland future rancher and Texan. For five generations the Elands have raised mustangs and beef cows in West Texas. Following tradition, the first son is named Tyree and the second son is named MacDonald.

Tyree, IV and his brother Mac love being cowboys. Tyree wants nothing more than to ride the range and push beef. In high school the boys called Tyree the cow whisperer because of his ability to gentle a herd. His brother MacDonald was known as the cowgirl whisperer, for similar reasons. As natural as Tyree is with cattle, he is a failure with women and Mac is worried his brother might be the last Tyree in the family unless Mac can find Tyree a woman who will understand his tendency to talk to long horns.  

Oct 18, 2016

SPIDER WEB - Nanowrimo idea # 4

Oct 18 2016

Spider Web

Cover Options

Spider Web. Traveling back in time is one thing. Getting safely back is another. After giving a lecture on the barriers to time travel, Harvard physicist Mathew Wild spends the night with Dr. Victoria Nelson and her daughter Katie. In what seems to be a dream, a visitor from the future gives Katie a message for Dr. Wild. She tells him, a spider web begins with a single thread thrown in the wind. If the thread catches, the spider uses it to create a bridge. This message will ultimately send Dr. Wild and Katie on a journey into another world and another time.

Oct 17, 2016



A NANOWRIMO story idea (#3)

The Allies secret mission to hunt down
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

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THE LONDON BEER FLOOD - a Dark Day for Beer

OCT 17, 1814

From Wikipedia
The London Beer Flood happened on 17 October 1814 in the parish of St. Giles, London, England. At the Meux and Company Brewery on Tottenham Court Road, a huge vat containing over 135,000 imperial gallons (610,000 L) of beer ruptured, causing other vats in the same building to succumb in a domino effect. As a result, more than 323,000 imperial gallons (1,470,000 L) of beer burst out and gushed into the streets. The wave of beer destroyed two homes and crumbled the wall of the Tavistock Arms Pub, trapping teenage employee Eleanor Cooper under the rubble. Within minutes neighboring George Street and New Street were swamped with alcohol, killing a mother and daughter who were taking tea, and surging through a room of people gathered for a wake.

Oct 16, 2016

Großpapa Adolf




Oct 14, 2016


Book Idea for 

The last colony ship from earth


Book Idea for 

The last colony ship from earth

Sep 26, 2016

Launch Party Photos

2016 Redwood Writers Anthology 
 Roger C. Lubeck, Editor-in-Chief

Launch Party Photos 

Sep 23, 2016

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Harvest Moon

 Moon on 9 22

Sep 10, 2016

9 - 10 - 2001

Where were you on 9 /11 / 2001?
I was in NYC on 9/10/2001

Fifteen years ago today I was working in New York City. 
I was on the last United flight to Chicago out of LaGuardia. 
The flight was delayed and nearly canceled.  
I arrived home after midnight.
the next morning, I was heading to O’Hare at 7:00 a.m. for a flight to Texas. 
I was listening to NPR when the first plane hit the Towers. 
Call it luck, chance, or fate; 
If my flight on 9/10 had been cancelled,
 I would have been in New York City on 9/11.    

Sep 2, 2016

When Hiking - new poem

New Tanka appearing in the Redwood Writer, 
September, 2016  Issue

Aug 23, 2016

Small Hummingbird Feeder

Hummers at Small Hand Feeder
8 23 2016

The little feeder with the yellow top is a hand feeder. 
This is phase one getting birds to use the feeder.

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Saturday Surrogate Training Announced

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Ian Scott Anderson
Aug 10, 1947

From Wikipedia
Ian Scott Anderson, MBE (born 10 August 1947) is a Scottish-born musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as the lead vocalist, flautist and acoustic guitarist of British rock band Jethro Tull. Anderson plays several other musical instruments, including keyboards, bass guitar, bouzouki, balalaika, saxophone, harmonica, and a variety of whistles. His solo work began with the 1983 album Walk into Light, and since then he released another five works, including the sequel of Jethro Tull album Thick as a Brick (1972) in 2012, entitled Thick as a Brick 2.
My Favorite Album - BENEFIT