Sep 21, 2023

My Person - a poem

 Tai Ji

“The Chinese principle of Yin-yang represents a dynamic balance of opposing 

but complementary and interconnected forces.”


A friend told me, his wife was His Person, and he was all in.
My Person is a true life-partner,
Soulmate, lover, friend.
My first loves were special, but they brought chaos into my life.
I looked for new greener pastures,
Ignoring the truth.
My Person was there all the time, uniquely right for me.
Providing love and companionship,
And, her tolerance.
Like a tailored suit, we are a good fit, yet with space to grow.
She compliments, and complements, while,
Accepting my faults.
Finding and recognizing Your Person can be difficult.
Youth and age may blind us to the truth,
Relations take time.
My Person brought balance and harmony into my being.
Together, we are more than our sum,
Her yin to my yang.