Feb 27, 2022

HAIR in SANTA ROSA - 50 years and still radical


Lynette and I saw the 6th street production of Hair - the Musical on Saturday at a matinee performance in Santa Rosa. It was an excellent production with good singing and acting. I love musicals and because I have owned the cast recording since its release, I know every song by heart. Yesterday, was almost like 50 years had not come between.

I saw Hair when it opened in Detroit in 1970. The co-writers of the play appeared in the lead roles of Berger and Claude Gerome Ragni & James Rado. The lead female, Sheila was played by  Shaun "Stoney" Murphy   Also staring in the Detroit production was MeatLoaf. The music and the production were outstanding. 

Because it was an opening night at the Fisher Theater I was wearing my gray herring-bone sport coat with a blue shirt and tie. At the time I had a mustache and shoulder-length hair. I was one of the few audience members who actually looked like a hippie.

Naturally, when asked to come on stage and sing "let the sunshine" I refused feeling, Be-ins were dumb. Another of my life regrets. In the performance yesterday we all stood and waved our arms as we sang. I doubt I could have gotten on stage without a railing.

Feb 17, 2022

MOON 2 15 2022

MOON on 2 15 2022 shot with Nikon 5300
18-300 VR lens 1/125 sec


Feb 8, 2022

Girl in Red 2 7 2021

Girl in Red (c) 2022

New painting framed with photoshop


Jan 12, 2022

New painting Titmouse - painted 1 11 2022

 New painting Titmouse - painted 1 11 2022

The framing was photoshopped.

After adding foliage

Before foliage

Jan 10, 2022

Jan 6, 2022

Hummer and Flowers

Hummer and Flowers


Taken from David Jansen - Bird paintings

Painting on an Easel

Painting on an Easel


I like how the paint stains on the easel match the painting.

Jan 4, 2022

Home at Last and Taste of Danger

Tied to the Mast

This sculpture, Ulysses by Robin Bell captures the essence of the dilemma expressed in two of my favorite songs.

Steely Dan's song is "Home at Last."

Though the danger of the rocks is surely past.
Still, I remain tied to the mast.
Could it be I have found my home at last?
Home at Last.

Jonatha Brooke - Taste Of Danger
I still play with fire
Hoping that I might get burned
Toying with desire, Teasing to the wire
Thinking that I'll never learn

Some things I earn
Most things I steal
There's an angel on my shoulder
But the devil's at the wheel
I toe the line, but then I fall
Cuz' heaven knows I like the taste of danger most of all
Danger most of all