Feb 24, 2017

Today's Tanka

Winter Hunter © Roger Lubeck 2017

blue wings, gold black beak
white and amber ruffled breast
yellow taloned feet.
red eyed winter hunter,
hurry and fly away feeder prey.


© Roger Lubeck 2017

Feb 17, 2017

Rita Hosking and Sean Feder at Cloverdale Arts Alliance

Photographs © Roger Lubeck 2017

Country-folk, singer-songwriter Rita Hosking and Sean Feder on dobro and banjo delivered an entertaining night of music and songs, telling working class stories of pump organs, kitchen tables, dishes, forest fires, black holes, and family. Hosking performed several songs from her latest albums, a hero’s journey called Frankie and the No-Go Road. Hosking has a perfect voice for this form of Americana music.


Feb 14, 2017

Dry Creek Mustard

Dry Creek

Dry Creek Mustard © Roger Lubeck 2017 

Feb 13, 2017

Rattlesnake Hill

2 13 2017
Roger C. Lubeck © 2017

Feb 3, 2017

A Night with Paul McCandless


Master Classical/Jazz Musician

Bass Clarinet, Bass Oboe, Soprano Saxophones
Performing with Charged Particles 

in Cloverdale at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance
Jazz Night

McCandless member of 
Oregon (Classical, Jazz, World) 
for 47 years