Oct 25, 2021


Idea # 4

This is the story of a human and alien encounter that takes place in the middle of a world war. 

In the winter of 1943, Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant Perry Shepard is returning from supporting a nighttime bomber mission over occupied France when his spitfire is shadowed by some new type of German airship.  Diving for speed, Sheppard heads for Switzerland with the airship nearly touching his tail. Climbing, Perry performs a quick loop. 

Getting behind the ship he fires a three-second blast of his six machine guns. The airship shudders and stalls as Perry's spitfire roars past. Confident, Perry watches the smoking ship on its way into a snow-covered mountain meadow. Perry's advantage is lost when something rips into his tail.   Using all his skills, Perry is able to pancake land his spit on the same open show field.   

Knowing he can't survive alone, Perry hikes back to the German Airship.  He isn't prepared to surrender. However, he is willing to call a truce if the German crew are willing to work together to get off the mountain.  Pulling out his Webley revolver, Perry advances on the ship. The smoking ship has a row of red and orange belly lights illuminating the snow.  It is three times the size of the spitfire, with an odd shape, not quite a Zeppelin. The craft has no military markings and no signs of weapons or engines. In fact, the ship appears to have no hatch or canopy.  

Using the butt of his revolver, Perry pounds on the hull.  From inside there is a corresponding note as a hatch drops open from the bottom of the ship.  Perry falls to the show and aims at the hatch.  He isn't going down without a fight.  A crewman drop to the ground.  His uniform is silver and he is wearing a helmet unlike any in Perry's experience.    

"Drop your weapon," Perry Shouts.
The crewman turns and points something, a gun or flashlight at Perry.
Perry fires a warning shot that hits the man's helmet.
 Air rushes out of the helmet and the man collapses. 
Rushing to his side, Perry stops short when he realizes the being on the ground is at least eight feet tall and has a blue face beneath the helmet's broken visor. 

A second crewman drops out of the hatch and goes to the aid of the other. 
The crewman touches a button on his uniform and says in English.
"Help me get the commander into the ship."
The voice sounds almost female. 
"What kind of Nazi trick is this?" Perry asks.
"Help me." 

Perry holsters his revolver and helps to lift the commander into the hatch.
When he tries to follow. The female says, "You can't enter yet, I have to prepare a space."
"I'll freeze to death out here," Perry shouts into the wind.
Stand there, the female points to a spot directly below the hatch. 
The spot turns blue.  Perry steps to the spot and is immediately warm.
He gives the female a thumbs up.
She returns the gesture with one of her three digits.

"Definitely not German," Perry says to himself.



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