Oct 29, 2021

Squatters - NaNoWriMo Idea # 7

Nanowrimo Idea # 7

There is trouble in paradise. 

In Hawaii, public parks and beaches are experiencing a problem with the homeless. In Hawaii, squatter have rights that allow camps and homeless cities in some public locations and vacant land.  

There is real sympathy among many native Hawaiians.  New homeowners, from the mainland, not so much. The problem is camps are springing up next to some of the most expensive homes in the world.  

This is the story of four oceanfront properties owners confronted with a group of squatters suspected of drug dealing, home invasion, robbery, rape, and murder.  Squatters who routinely threaten anyone entering their space.

What would you do?   Rely on the government. Hide in their home? Sell?  Try to help? Build a fortress? Or, would you fight?    


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