Oct 30, 2018

National Novel Writing Month Idea # 9 THE REDWOODS KILLER

National Novel Writing Month Idea # 9
NaNoWriMo 2018


The yellow pavement dividers, still wet with morning mist, are an iridescent ribbon guiding you through the winding redwoods. You love these early-morning drives. You find a secluded spot in the forest with space for two or three cars. A beat-up Subaru parked just off the road is a magnet for tourists visiting the big trees. You choose a turnout with room for three cars. From the back seat, you pick up a small digital camera, binoculars, and a Giant’s baseball cap. Useful props. You check the buck knife on your belt. From under the front seat, you find the Colt 1911 your father brought back from France. Walking to the highway, you stand at the edge of the pavement and glance both ways. There’s nothing in either direction. It is too early for tourists. Your only worry is a nosy sheriff. You step back from the highway. The big trees dominate the smaller pines and ferns. It is cool in the shade of the redwoods. You feel like you are one with the big trees; their deep roots hunger for moisture as their leafy tops search for the sun. You find comfort in their strength and longevity. You believe your secret will be safe with these silent guardians. 

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