Oct 31, 2018

National Novel Writing Month Idea # 10
NaNoWriMo 2018


The United World presidents and planetary councils have come and gone. However, the laws and treaties regarding alien immigration, colonization, and military action in the galaxy have stood the test of centuries until now. The earth is overpopulated and its natural resources are all but gone. President Reginald Baron and a core of his most hawkish generals conceive of a plan to send a core of soldiers disguised as immigrants to planet Gia Prime in the Delta system. Little is known about Gia Prime, except it has intelligent life forms, a rural economy, and no army. It is considered one of the weakest members of the galactic alliance. The mission to Gia is being led by General Black Jack Killian and his second in command Colonel Elizabeth Oats. Their job is to assassinate the government leaders and intuitional create havoc. Then, when the planet’s government calls for help, President Baron will send a military force to establish order. The plan for the Mission to Gia Prime changes radically when Killian and Oats discover the secret of Gian society.

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