Oct 31, 2018



Ian Clarke is a newly commissioned Ensign in the US Navy. The men in Clarke’s family are seafarers and fisherman, but not warriors. That all changed when Ian’s brother Paul died at Pearl Harbor. Ian wants to even the score for his brother, but he is newly married and soon to be a father.  Ian is shipped to New Zealand and then flown to New Guinea where he joins the officers and crew of PT 777, a hard-luck ship patrolling the coast and islands around New Guinea.

Special Agent Mai Yazhi is back at work for the U.S. Park Service. A series of cleansing ceremonies helped Mai to again care for her son and return to work. However, the trauma she experienced at the hands of Mel and Walt Fremont is always just below the surface. Now Mai is after Mary Begay and her teenage twin sons, reported to be members of a Navajo drug gang the Red Eagle Klan who are using a local trading post for their base of operations. Through intimidation, kidnapping, and murder, the Begay’s and the REK have come to own the methamphetamine trade in Utah’s canyonland.

3.     LADY ACE
Lady Alice Celia Edwards Rutledge, Lady ACE, joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) because she wanted to fly. An experienced woman pilot she expects to be used to shuttle fighters and bombers to France. Instead, she learns her job is to serve as a clerk for the 56th squadron. Unwilling to give up flying, she embarks on a bold plan. She creates orders for a new air officer, Edward Rutledge, to be assigned to the squadron. Dressed as a man, Lady Alice is able to fool the commander and most of the flyers, but not Lt. Scottie Clarke. Scottie is willing to keep her secret hoping to win her love. Alice’s first kill in a dogfight over Somme, France sets her on the path to be the RAF’s first and only woman ACE in World War One.

The yellow pavement dividers, still wet with morning mist, are an iridescent ribbon guiding you through the winding redwoods. You love these early-morning drives. You find a secluded spot in the forest with space for two or three cars. A beat-up Subaru parked just off the road is a magnet for tourists visiting the big trees. You choose a turnout with room for three cars. From the back seat, you pick up a small digital camera, binoculars, and a Giant’s baseball cap. Useful props. You check the buck knife on your belt. From under the front seat, you find the Colt 1911 your father brought back from France. Walking to the highway, you stand at the edge of the pavement and glance both ways. There’s nothing in either direction. It is too early for tourists. Your only worry is a nosy sheriff. You step back from the highway. The big trees dominate the smaller pines and ferns. It is cool in the shade of the redwoods. You feel like you are one with the big trees; their deep roots hunger for moisture as their leafy tops search for the sun. You find comfort in their strength and longevity. You believe your secret will be safe with these silent guardians.

5.     THIN ICE
Deputy Sheriff Ole Nettleson finds himself on thin ice. He has been assigned to a special investigative team on a case related to the disappearance and possible murder of Arnie Brown, the Chief of the Major Crimes Unit and Bob Hastings, the City Attorney, for the town of Bemidji Minnesota. The two were last seen buying supplies for a weekend of ice fishing. They had to wait until late in the season because Hastings was getting ready for the biggest drug, corruption, and murder trial in the town’s history. When Hastings and Brown failed to show for the trial, officers from a dozen towns are sent to search the nearby lakes. Ole Nettleson discovers Brown’s patrol car parked at Leino’s Riverside Report where Brown had booked a room. Half a mile along a trail from the Resort, Nettleson finds fishing gear and a very large fishing hole cut close to a sign warning of thin ice. The hole is splattered with blood. a subsequent lab analysis shows it is Bob Hastings’ blood.


The United World presidents and planetary councils have come and gone. However, the laws and treaties regarding alien immigration, colonization, and military action in the galaxy have stood the test of centuries until now. The earth is overpopulated and its natural resources are all but gone. President Reginald Baron and a core of his most hawkish generals conceive of a plan to send a core of soldiers disguised as immigrants to planet Gia Prime in the Delta system. Little is known about Gia Prime, except it has intelligent life forms, a rural economy, and no army. It is considered one of the weakest members of the galactic alliance. The mission to Gia is being led by General Black Jack Killian and his second in command Colonel Elizabeth Oats. Their job is to assassinate the government leaders and intuitional create havoc. Then, when the planet’s government calls for help, President Baron will send a military force to establish order. The plan for the Mission to Gia Prime changes radically when Killian and Oats discover the secret of Gian society.

Devlin Thornton and his brother Barry are among the thousands of North Americans who witness the meteor shower of a lifetime. A week later people are dying from an unknown disease. Three months later, the western world is dying and the Federal government has relocated to a bunker in Kansas. Still safe in California, The Thornton family turn their home into an armed castle. Sixteen-year-old Devlin must learn to fight to defend his family and home as an apocalyptic event destroys the world around him.

It is said, vengeance is a dish best served cold. It is only a person’s moral compass, sense of right and wrong, or fear of punishment that keeps the person from performing acts of vengeance, acts of violence. A minor traffic accident turns into a series of escalating acts of violence and revenge between two seemingly normal families.

The Gamesman is a serial killer who leaves cues for the police in the form of games and riddles. His favorite game is Tic Tac Toe in which he uses severed body parts from different victims to play the game.

A chance encounter between two of the West’s most famous robbers, Big Jake Davis (The Great Train Robbery) and Charles Earl Boles (Black Bart) in a saloon in Virginia City leads to an ambitious plan to rob a Wells Fargo stagecoach secretly carrying a million dollars in gold and silver through Warm Springs Nevada.

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