Jun 28, 2021

A Writer's Dozen: Stories from the lighter side (Volume 2)

 A Writer's Dozen
Stories from the lighter side 
(Volume 2)

Everyone has a lighter side. This collection of flash and short fiction from novelist and award-winning short story writer Roger C. Lubeck explores the lighter side of our nature.  These are stories about people and relationships.  About what is excepted and unexpected in love and life. In the opening story, we travel back to Old California and learn the truth about Black Bart.  In the succeeding stories we grow up; we experience sex, love, marriage, and death. All with a pinch of fun and a sprinkle of irony.  

I am in the process of publishing a two-volume collection
of my short stories, called A Writer's Dozen.

Volume 2 is 13 of my lighter stories.

Here is a possible cover. Let me know what you think.

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