Jun 28, 2021

A Writer's Dozen: Stories from the dark side (Volume 1)


Stories from the dark side
(Volume 1)

In this first volume of A Writer’s Dozen are a dozen stories draw from a fiction writer’s dark side. A serial killer at work in the Redwoods. Survivors of a worldwide pandemic one family focused on the future of the human race, the other hiding in a rooftop fortress. A corrupt private eye who will do anything for a buck or a beautiful woman.  Stories about the end of the world and the end of relationships. A story about the L-8, a WWII navy observation blimp that landed in San Francisco, without its crew. Stories set in alien worlds that explore the nature of being alive. There is the story about Edgar Lemon, an old black fisherman who died in a fire, or was he lost in the shuffle? A cult leader ready to share what he considers the wisdom of the age. Finally, our thirteenth offering is a fitting bookend to the opening tale.  

I am in the process of publishing a two-volume collection
of my short stories, called A Writer's Dozen.

Volume 1 is 13 of my darker stories.

Here is a possible cover. Let me know what you think.

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