Oct 30, 2017

NaNoWriMo Story Idea # 12 - Dragons' Night

                      NaNoWriMo Story Idea # 12  Dragons' Night 
                          A fantasy from the dragon's point of view

Red Tail woke to the sound of humans in the field where he’d spent the night gorging on corn. Red Tail was surrounded by men setting fire to the corn. He had been taking part in his first Dragons’ Night. On the night of the harvest moon, the clan of Red Dragons would fly into the fields to feed on corn and sheep before their long winter sleep. At one time they ate the flesh of men. Now, without the winter maze provided by men, the dragons would die.  

Hiding in a row of corn, he watched as a small human started to burn the rows of corn where Red Tail was hiding. Desperate, Red Tail charged and flew out of the field with the small human clutched in his talons.

Safe on the mountain path to his family’s cave, Red Tail stopped to lick the still hot blood from the dead human. Slowly at first, he consumes bites of flesh. It wasn't charred like it should be, but compared to corn, it was delicious. 

Red Tail realized he was the first clan member in centuries to consume a human on Dragons’ Night. He wanted more, but he needed sleep. Crawling into his nest, Red Tail thought, I must remember to talk to grandfather. He knew where and how to kill humans, but he didn't know how to breathe fire. No dragon did. Red Tail went to sleep convinced, for the sake of the clan, he must learn.  


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