Jan 31, 2015

From Every Book Counts: The Stories of My Life

Sam at age 27

On maturity

I entered adulthood in 1947 at age twenty-eight, going hook, line and sinker, some seven years after the legal age. And, I was ready for it. I had been on a mission, served in the army, and graduated from BYU. I had a profession and the offer of a full time job. At last, I ceased to be a youth looking for summertime jobs. I was on my own, an adult; fully developed and mature; my adolescence was gone forever.

Samuel C. Chandler

Roger at age 25

This reflection got me thinking. Maturity has little to do with age, gender, or sexual experience. I was in school from 1955 to 1977. My University education went from 1968-1977. I had two summer jobs at home, and after that I worked year-round as a University laboratory assistant, teaching assistant, or instructor. I stopped living at home in 1972, and left Michigan never to return in 1973. I lived on my own, in my own apartment or house beginning in 1973. I purchased a car in 1976. I obtained my first University teaching position in 1977 when I was Twenty-seven. By then I had have at least five serious relationships where marriage was discussed. I’m not sure when I decided I was mature. Some would argue, never. I know in 1968 when I entered college was wasn’t, nor was I close at 21 years. Unlike Sam, I had no army experience (thankfully). 

In 1975, which as a great year, I was 25 and still not a reliable adult. I’m not sure, even in my first full time job, when I cut my hair, I was mature yet. Pretty sure not. Somewhere around 1980, I started to mature. In 1986 (at 36), I was close, and by 1992 (at 42), I had rounded the corner and joined the club. However, I didn’t get married until 2004 (at 54). 

What about you? When, if ever, did you become a ‘real’ adult?

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