Jan 27, 2015

Every Book Counts: The Stories of My Life

available from Amazon in March.

In Chapter 2 (My Ancestors) of Every Book Counts: The Stories of My Life, Sam Chandler writes that his genealogical research of his family names in England revealed that the Chandler men were in Sam’s words common men. He remarks he discovered no royalty in his family. 

However, in the Chapter on Mary Nancy Call and her father Nine Call, we learn that Mary Nancy and Nine are direct descendants of  Penelope Van Princis Stout, an early white settler of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Penelope was the daughter of Daughter of Baron John van Printzen and Penelope van Princis

Penelope was born in 1622 in Amsterdam, (present The Netherlands). Penelope came to America in 1643. She and her husband were shipwreck and attacked by Indians but she survived and lived to be 110. There is a coin commemorating her life and her story appeared in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. She is known as the Mother of Middletown 

Sam’s mother is the descendant of a Dutch Baron. Penelope Van Princis Stout is the 10th great-grand mother of Lynette Chandler and her siblings.

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