Jan 4, 2022

Home at Last and Taste of Danger

Tied to the Mast

This sculpture, Ulysses by Robin Bell captures the essence of the dilemma expressed in two of my favorite songs.

Steely Dan's song is "Home at Last."

Though the danger of the rocks is surely past.
Still, I remain tied to the mast.
Could it be I have found my home at last?
Home at Last.

Jonatha Brooke - Taste Of Danger
I still play with fire
Hoping that I might get burned
Toying with desire, Teasing to the wire
Thinking that I'll never learn

Some things I earn
Most things I steal
There's an angel on my shoulder
But the devil's at the wheel
I toe the line, but then I fall
Cuz' heaven knows I like the taste of danger most of all
Danger most of all

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