Oct 25, 2019

ON THE HALF SHELL - # 3 idea for National Novel Writing Month


Jefferson HuĂ®tres lives on a houseboat in the Marina at Key West Bight. When he isn’t drinking or fishing, Jefferson is in the recovery business; a skip tracer, who searches for stolen objects and missing men. A local socialite has hired Jefferson to find a missing pearl necklace and the pool boy she claims stole the necklace. Jefferson is confident he can find the boy however he knows the elusive nature of pearls. Growing up, Jeff fished for oysters up and down the eastern seaboard from Chesapeake to Apalachicola with his father and two brothers. In five years on the water, Jeff ate a ton of oysters, but never found a pearl. Now, the closest he gets to his namesake is when he orders a dozen at the Half Shell restaurant.    

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