Feb 7, 2019

Family Tree


I have been working on my ancestry for some time. In our four+ family trees, we have 4334 people, 950 photos, and 413 unique surnames In total we have 30,000 hints and 25,000 records. We can trace some of our English, French, and Dutch ancestors back 25 generations. The Irish, Germans, and Swedish ancestors are more difficult. Among the 4000+ individuals are authors, barons, bookkeepers, builders, city founders, colonist, explorers, farmers, fishmongers, governors, homemakers, journalists, kings/queens, landowners, lords/ladies, managers, miners, pilgrims, pioneers, poets, politicians, psychologists, salesmen, tavern keepers, teachers, writers, and veterans from the French/Indian, Revolutionary, Civil, Spanish/American, and World Wars, I and II. All that is missing are movie stars and celebrity chefs.

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