Apr 22, 2018

100 word story

100 Word Story 
based on this photo prompt.

Photo credit: James White

Today's 100-word flash

            “Leave the dishes, honey. I’ll do them in the morning.”
            “The movie is starting. Come in.”
He kicked off his shoes, poured a glass of chardonnay, and bit into a second cookie.  Sugar and crumbs rained from his beard onto the floor. “It’s Casablanca,” he called.
She placed a last dish in the dishwasher before taking a wet rag to the counters and stove. A white kitchen needed love he couldn’t give.  She looked in.
            Bogart was talking about bearer bonds. He was snoring.
            Gone for the night, she thought.
            She snatched the remote. 
            The night was hers.  

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