Feb 2, 2018

Barrio Manouche at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance Jazz Club 2 1 2018

Flamenco Fusion

Barrio Manouche

"Barrio Manouche is an acoustic San Francisco-based international septet (Spain, Quebec, France, Brazil, and California). The ensemble has been recognized for its innovative style, complex technique and their passion for their musical improvisation. The band performed a repertoire of original instrumental compositions with a unique sound. A Jazz fusion mix of Django Reinhardt and St├ęphane Grappelli, gypsy, and flamenco."

Javi Jimenez: guitars
Alex Zelnick: guitars
Luis Jimenez: percussions
Marcos Rodrigues: percussions
Gary Johnson: bass
Magali Sanscartier: violin
Cyril Guiraud: saxophones

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