Oct 28, 2016

WEATHER RELATED - National Novel Writing Month Book Idea # 11

National Novel Writing Month 
Book Idea # 11

Della French is flying from New York to San Francisco via Chicago. For Della, a two-hour weather delay was made easier by her seat in first class and the two men sitting with her.

Charles Gray a forty-year old psychotherapist who claims he studied astrology in India is handsome and charismatic. Eric Dyson is an older business man who talks about collecting cars and wine. For the next five hours, the three talk, eat snacks, and drink wine.

At O’Hare, the three learn they have missed the last flight to San Francisco. Standing in the customer service line, while Dyson talks to United on his phone, Della and Charles chat and flirt.

When the three finally reach a United agent, they learn they are all booked on a flight at seven fifteen in the morning. According to agent, they can stay in the airport and sleep on a cot or they can use a voucher to stay at a local hotel. Unfortunately, all the airport hotels are booked.  The agent says there is a Best Western some thirteen miles from the airport that is “passable.”

Standing behind Della, Dyson informs the agent the 1K desk said she should book him a room at a nearby Marriott. Eventually after considerable argument, the agent calls the Marriott and arranges for three rooms. Obviously angry, the Agent informs the travelers their luggage is already on its way to San Francisco and because of the late hour they must take a cab the hotel.

On the way to the cab stand, Dyson asks Della if she is hungry or would like a drink. When she says yes to both, Dyson suggests they check in and then go downtown to a late-night jazz club he knows. When Charles is quick to say, he loves the idea. Della agrees, even though she knows she is being impulsive.

Over the course of the next six hours Dyson will show Della and Charles a side of Chicago that few travelers ever see and even fewer survive.  

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